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I used to not like the fall season. Back home in the South of France, we don’t really have those beautiful trees changing colors and turning bright red, orange or yellow. Usually, everything turns brown and the leaves fall eventually. Palm trees stay the same. When I moved to Prague, I discovered what this beautiful season really was about. The beautiful colors, hot wine, cozy days… Fall in Prague really grew on me! That is why now, I chase all the best photo spots in Prague during fall.

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Do you know that besides being called the “City of a Hundred Spires”, Prague is also nicknamed the “Golden City”? This name was given to the city during the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV when the towers of Prague Castle were covered in gold. The nickname also can refer to the time when Rudolf II employed alchemists to turn metals into gold. For me, the third reason for this name lays in the fact that Prague wears gorgeous golden colors in autumn!

Prague in the Fall: Practical Tips

Should I visit Prague in the fall?

July and August are usually the most popular months to visit Prague, but going in the fall can bring a lot of benefits! 🍂 Autumn is probably one of the best times to travel to the Czech capital as September and October are the shoulder season meaning you will find fewer tourist crowds and cheaper plane tickets and hotel fares ✈️.

What is the weather like in Prague during fall?

The weather isn’t as scorching hot as it is in the summer and not as freezing as the winter months 🍁. However, consider when exactly in the autumn season you’ll be traveling. September is often blessed with leftover summer warmth that the Czech lovingly call babí léto (which can be translated as Indian summer ☀️) but October and November do tend to get pretty cold.

What to wear in Prague during fall?

It can get pretty chilly in October and cold in November so plan for cold-weather attire like gloves 🧤, a scarf 🧣, a winter hat, and a big coat 🧥. Don’t forget warm socks 🧦 and comfy walking shoes, trust me, they’ll save your life! In September, if you are blessed by the Indian summer, you may only need a sweater and a light jacket. Even if cold, the atmosphere and golden hues in Prague will warm your heart 🧡.

What do I need to know before visiting Prague in the fall?

A lot of gardens are closed from November so if you really want to check some of them out, plan your visit accordingly 🍃.

Don’t forget to check out the Signal Festival. This festival of light installations and video mapping is a major cultural event that lights up the city’s historic monuments at night for four days straight. It usually takes place in mid-October.

Like Albert Camus said: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. So let’s discover the best photo spots in Prague during the fall season!

Where are the Best Photo Spots in Prague during Fall?

1 • Petřín

Petřín is a huge hill that is filled with gorgeous trees. Those turn orange, red and yellow during fall. You can walk or take a funicular (for the price of a tram ticket!) all the way to the Petřín Lookout Tower (a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower) located at the top of the hill. From the top of the Tower, you can admire the autumn leaves and it a panoramic 360° panoramic view over the city’s colorful parks and hills.

2 • Malá Strana

Located at the bottom of the Prague Castle, Malá Strana is a romantic area bordering the Vltava River. There are quite a few places in the area that are gorgeous during fall and all of my favorites are located on Kampa Island. If you get right down to the riverside, there are many swans and a splendid view of the Charles Bridge.

Right next to the swan area, you can find a lovely gingerbread shop called Perníkový Panáček. Their gingerbread tastes delicious and makes for perfect photo props!

3 • Vrtba Garden

Located in Lesser Town, Vrtbovská zahrada (Vrtba Garden in English), is one of the smallest but most charming gardens in Prague. This Baroque garden has a unique layered architectural design that is perfect for photo ops! Bear in mind that Vrtbovská zahrada isn’t open in November but it is the month before and that is all you need to discover the magical fall colors that this garden and the ivy covering its walls wear in October. To visit the garden you have to pay 80 CZK if you are an adult or 70 CZK if you are a student.

The Vrtba Garden is only open from April until the end of October. The opening hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM.

3 • Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad is always one of my go-to spots during fall. This historic fortress overlooks Prague but remains a quiet area. Right below the main road leading to Vyšehrad from the metro station of the same name, you can find a few cute paths bordered by trees. This is one of my favorite photo spots in Prague during the fall!

In Vyšehrad, do not forget to visit the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul (Bazilika sv. Petra a Pavla). This neo-Gothic church is filled with incredible golden Art Nouveau frescos.

5 • Loreta

Loreta is a Marian pilgrimage site that consists of several holy places including a replica of the Santa Casa, a replica of the ”Holy House”, the Church of the Nativity of Our Lord, a cloister and a clock tower. Right in front of Loreta, there is a huge tree that turns yellow and orange during fall. It is one of the ultimate fall spots in Prague!

Next to Loreta, you can find the Černín Garden, which is adjacent to the Černín Palace. It is a cute and quiet place that is only open from the beginning of May until the end of October.

6 • Palace Gardens below Prague Castle

The Palace Gardens under Prague Castle (Palácové zahrady pod Pražským hradem) provide great views over the city’s rooftops and are a great place to go to relax in the middle of the craziness of the city. Like Vrtba, the Palace Gardens are closed in winter so you should visit them in October.

The Palace Gardens below Prague Castle are open every day from April until the end of October. The opening hours differ depending on the month so you can check those out here. To visit them, you have to pay 100 CZK (or 70 CZK if you are a student).

7 • Letná

Letná is one of my favorite parks in Prague. It is located on a hill overlooking the city. In autumn, the park gets super colorful. Next to Letná and Queen Anne’s Summer Palace, there is a tram line that goes through Mariánské hradby. It is famous among photographers for being bordered by gorgeous orange trees in the fall. It is a great location for getting pictures of the trams with trees on both sides. 

There is a spot in Letná where everybody goes to take panoramic views of the bridges. You cannot miss it because it’s pretty crowded especially at sunset. If you are facing the bridges just go to the left a little. You will find a better place which is totally empty!

8 • Royal Garden of the Prague Castle

The Royal Garden (in Czech; Královská Zahrada) is an Italian Renaissance garden which was originally a vineyard that Emperor Ferdinand I got to create a garden for the royal court. You can get wonderful fall views on the Prague Castle from this park and it’s usually less busy than other areas around the Castle.

The Royal Garden of the Prague Castle‘s opening hours differ depending on the month so you can check those out here.

9 • Nový Svět

Located in Hradčany, close to Prague Castle, Nový svět (translated as “The New World”) is a gorgeous and picturesque part of the city. Hidden from tourists but yet so close to the buzzing center, this tiny quarter is filled with cute small houses dating back to the 14th century. It is a perfect and hidden spot to take photos of Prague during the fall season.

Nový Svet was established in 1350 to house the workers working at the Prague castle. In 1541, a fire destroyed the neighborhood entirely which was only rebuilt in the 17th century. Since them, the houses stayed pretty much the same; cute, tiny, and old-fashioned.

10 • Průhonice Park & Castle

Further away from the center (but only 15 km away) Průhonice Castle is a national cultural monument surrounded by an English-style landscaped park covering 6250 hectares! Needless to say, this huge park wears the most gorgeous fall colors in October and November.

The opening hours and ticket price differ depending on the month so you can check those out here.

Have you been to Prague in autumn? What are your favorite photo spots in Prague during the fall? Let me know in the comments below!

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