Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Prague

Prague is the lovely city I have been living in for the past 5 years. Below you will find the top places to visit if you are traveling to Prague for the first time. You can also check out my article about the hidden gems of Prague that will also give you more ideas of what to explore (and amazing Instagram photos opportunities!) here. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this article!

1 • Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site and arguably the most significant Czech monument in the country. The castle complex is composed of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of various architectural styles. Photo opportunities inside are numerous just bear in mind that a lot of people are visiting this castle every day so going early or late would be the best. Also, you can photograph the complex from the other side of the river like in the photo below.

Do not forget to Czech out (see what I did there?) the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is probably one of the most impressive Cathedrals I have ever seen, and the Golden Lane, which is a medieval street lined with cute tiny houses.

2 • Letná

Letná is a hill overlooking Prague and the Vltava River. It is one of the best parks to get panoramic views of the city. There is also a great beer garden where you can have a cold one while watching the sunset color the sky. The place where you can take that iconic shot of all the bridges is a little further after the beer garden, right in front of Hanavský Pavilion, which is a cast-iron neo-Baroque restaurant.

3 • Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad, which is Czech for “upper castle” is a historic fort that offers 360° panoramic views of Prague. It is a haven of peace and tranquility located 10 minutes by metro from the frenetic city center. The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul is a gorgeous church located within the fort. Its doors are the most instagrammable doors in Prague!

4 • Charles Bridge

With its foundation laid in 1357, the Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in the city spanning the River Vltava. Lined with statues and lamps, this gothic bridge looks straight out of a fairytale. If you want to take photos at the bridge itself (where you can get amazing views of the Prague Castle!) you should go there at sunrise otherwise it is always really busy. If you want to take pictures of the bridge from different angles, you can go to the surrounding bridges, on top of one of the bridge’s towers or along the waterfront. The possibilities are endless!

5 • The National Museum

The National Museum (Národní Muzeum) is one of the most famous Czech museums and a true landmark located on top of Václavské náměstí. It was founded in 1818 by Kašpar Maria Šternberg and now houses millions of items. It used to be closed due to reconstruction work between 2011 and 2018 but now you can go and take wonderful photos in front of the building and inside as well!

Opening hours
Every day: 10AM – 6PM

6 • Malá Strana

Mala Strana is a lovely area located at the bottom of the Prague Castle. It is one of the most romantic neighborhoods in the city. The area is also partly occupied by embassies or by Czech administrative buildings (the Senate and ministries for example). Along the river on the Malá Strana side, there is a lovely waterfront with many swans where you can take wonderful photos of the Charles Bridge. Also located in Malá Strana, the impressive Baroque St. Nicholas Church is worth a visit!

If you want to take photos in the cutest streets in the city, I advise you to go to Na Kampě, Nerudova, Thunovská and Mostecká Streets.

7 • Dancing House

Tančící dům or the Dancing House is an interesting non-traditional building on the Vltava riverfront. It was originally named the house Fred and Ginger (after the famous dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) because it resembles two dancers.

8 • Klementinum Library

Considered one of the most beautiful and majestic libraries in the world, the Klementinum houses over 20,000 books. You cannot take photos in the famous baroque library hall, but don’t worry, not only the library is worth it. If you climb the Astronomical Tower located there, you can get unique views of the old city center. It costs 380 CZK to get in or 200 CZK if you are a student.

Opening hours
Depends on the day and month. You can look it up here

9 • Petřín Hill

Petřín is a hill that is almost entirely covered with parks. It offers a beautiful panorama of Prague. You can walk or take a funicular all the way to the top where you can visit several monuments such as the Petřín Lookout Tower, a loose copy inspired by the Eiffel Tower. The best time to visit is during spring when all the trees are in bloom or during the fall season. If you want to check out all of the fall Instagram spots in Prague check out my article here!

View of the Prague Castle and the whole city of Prague from from Petrin hill in autumn

10 • Old Town Square

Luckily, Prague wasn’t destroyed during WWII and the city is still full of outstanding monuments from all periods of its history. The Old Town Square is the oldest and one of the most significant squares in Prague with a history dating back to the 10th century!  The square is dominated by many monuments such as the Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock and the Church of Our Lady before Týn. You can take wonderful photos at the square directly or from above (at the Clock Tower or at the terraces around; for example Terasa U Prince). It is truly the top Instagram spot in Prague!

Below you can find great tours in the Old Town Square to learn more about the history of this magical city:

✿ BONUS ✿ 

11 • Troja Castle

Located next to the Prague Zoo, this baroque monument is truly gorgeous. It was built for the Counts of Sternberg and now, it is owned by the city and hosts the 19th-century Czech art collections of the City Gallery. Definitely a must-see!

Opening hours
April – October: 10AM – 6PM (Tue-Sun) / 1PM – 6PM (Fri)
November – March: CLOSED

Troja Palace
(photo by

I hope this article was helpful for you if you are planning your Prague visit! If you have already been there, what is your favorite Instagrammable place? Let me know in the comments below!

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