Best Day Trips from Prague

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Prague is a wonderful city. You can spend so much time there and still discover something new every day. However, if you have some time, you should travel outside the Czech capital to discover amazing gems! Here are 11 day trips you can take from Prague that are located only a couple of hours away.

1. Český Krumlov

Travel to South Bohemia to discover this picture-perfect and truly picturesque town. Located a few hours away from Prague, Český Krumlov is a must-see when you come to the Czech Republic. This magnificent fairy-tale town is home to a UNESCO heritage castle complex.

This South Bohemian medieval town is one of the top Czech attractions in the whole country and for a good reason; it is drop dead gorgeous! The old gothic houses, the cobblestone streets… everything seems frozen in time. However, bear in mind that it is super touristy. I would advise going from March to May because the weather is pleasant and you will most likely be able to wander around without the crowds.

You can take a wonderful day-trip to Český Krumlov from Prague that I recommend!

Český Krumlov
(photo by Czech Tourism)

2. Telč

Welcome to your second UNESCO World Heritage site! Known for its Italian Renaissance architecture, this Moravian town also looks like it comes straight out of a fairytale. With its row of colorful and detailed homes, aesthetically charming church and lovely Gothic chateau, Telč is a must-visit!

Underneath the main town square, there are underground tunnels and cellars previously used to store food and beer at cooler temperatures but also used as an escape route in case of foreign invasion or fire. Those are incredible to visit!


3. Olomouc

Located at the heart of Moravia, Olomouc is often referred to as Little Prague (the perks being that there are way fewer tourists). The city even has its own cheese called Tvarůžky. You can smell it miles away but I swear it tastes super good! The city has many historical and cultural landmarks such as its own astronomical clock!

(photo by Amazing Czechia) 

4. Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora is one of the easiest and most famous day trips to take from Prague. Located only an hour away, this medieval silver mining town is also *drum roll please* a UNESCO World Heritage site. The infamous Bone Church (actually called the Sedlec Ossuary) made the town famous for a reason: it is adorned with human skulls and bones. Creepy or amazing? It is for you to find out! St. Barbara’s Church is another jewel of the Late Gothic period that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Kutná Hora.

Going there by public transport is a little bit of a hassle, so booking a tour is one of the best options. You can do so here with this cool tour including Kutná Hora and the Bone Chapel.

Kutná Hora 
(photos by Amazing Czechia)

5. Take a Castle Trip

The Czech Republic is home to more than a thousand castles and chateaux. You can easily take a day trip to some of them from Prague. You can find below the best ones to visit.

  • Karlštejn Castle – gothic castle founded by Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia. It is one of the most photographed castles in the country. From Prague, you can easily do a half-day tour there or a full-day tour if you include the Koneprusy Caves.
  • Lány Castle – originally a hunting chateau, this baroque castle is the official summer residence of Czech presidents.
  • Křivoklát Castle – not yet fully discovered by the tourists, this authentic Czech castle is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. with origins dating back to the 12th century. Many movies were shot there due to the castle’s perfect medieval look surrounded by a lush forest. You can enjoy a private tour of this castle, which is one of the largest in the country!
  • Hluboká Castle – sitting above the Vltava River. Hluboká Nad Vltavou is a true fairytale. Considered one of the most beautiful castles, it is a place you cannot afford to miss.
  • Český Šternberk Castle – one of the best-preserved Gothic Bohemian castles. The family that founded the castle still owns it today, and the current owner actually lives there.
  • Konopiště Castle – this Gothic castle’s last owner was no other than Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. His murder was widely acknowledged to have sparked the outbreak of World War I. You can visit Konopiště from Prague on a special tour.
  • Průhonice Castle – surrounded by a gorgeous park that is around 250 hectares, Průhonice Caste is located only 15 kilometers southeast of Prague. It is a perfect romantic getaway.

Any castle you choose to visit for a day trip will make you feel like true royalty! All of them have a different charm and atmosphere, so look them up before to pick your favorite!

Karlštejn and Konopiště Castles

6. Dresden, Germany

The German border is actually super close to Prague. From 2 hours (by train) to 2.5 hours by car, you can easily spend the day in the lovely city of Dresden. Interesting but horrifying fact: Dresden is a new city because it was completely bombed and destroyed in World War II.

Dresden, Germany

7. Tábor

With its pastel old buildings, cobblestone streets and old castle rebuilt into a brewery (say what!) Tábor is another city with a great medieval feel. Just like Telč, the town also has its own underground tunnels you can explore. The mix between gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture make Tábor a true Czech gem.

Not only a beautiful city Tábor is also a place of historical significance. Czech Hussites (Protestant radicals) founded the town to realize their idea of a socially just and equal society. You can learn a lot about this religious movement at The Hussite Museum.


8. Bohemian Paradise & Bohemian Switzerland

If you want to spend a day in nature, there are two places north of Prague perfect for hiking. The first one called Bohemian Paradise was actually declared as the first protected area in the Czech Republic because of its amazing rock formations. You can take a hiking day-trip from Prague to Bohemian Paradise here!

The second one called Bohemian Switzerland is a picturesque national park with a fairytale landscape and home to the largest sandstone arch in Europe.

Bohemian Paradise & Bohemian Switzerland
(photos by Amazing Czechia)

9. Mělník

Lying at the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava rivers, Mělník is known for its distinctive wines. This charming town is also home to a renaissance castle, which is one of the most important landmarks of the town.

10. Spa Trip

There are a few cities in the country where you can go for amazing Spa treatment. Here are the best two:

  • Karlovy Vary – A popular day trip from Prague is the hot springs heaven Karlovy Vary (or Carlsbad). Located two hours from Prague, this is the number one Spa City in the Czech Republic. You can spend the day relaxing in a thermal spa in this lovely city founded by the one and only Charles IV.
  • Mariánské Lázně – The second largest spa city in the country is in West Bohemia surrounded by mountain forest and mineral springs. Mariánské Lázně is usually calmer than Karlovy Vary.
Karlovy Vary
(photos by Amazing Czechia)

11. Plzeň

Plzeň, also known as Pilsen, is a must-visit for beer lovers. In only one hour and a half from Prague, you can get to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. If you decide to do the two-hour tour of the brewery, you can get to know the history of the company, how they make the beer and even taste unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell at the end! The city itself is also super cute and its main square hosts the second largest synagogue in Europe.

 (photo by Amazing Czechia)

I hope you liked all those recommendations! Let me know what is your favorite day trip to take from Prague in the comments below!


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