Top 10 Instagram Spots in Malta

Valletta, which is Malta’s capital city, was named the European Capital of Culture of 2018. This made Malta the Mediterranean’s latest hot spot and a new popular choice for a relaxed summer holiday. In this article, I listed down for you the best Instagrammable spots on this beautiful sun-kissed island. Hope you enjoy reading it!

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1 • Blue Grotto Caves

The Blue Grotto is a network of nine caves that are very famous in Malta. There is an amazing panorama view from the top of this cave system. The turquoise water even looks photoshopped due to its perfect blue color. If you go during sunset, the soft and warm tones will create the perfect Instagram photo. One of the most scenic spots on the island!

2 • L-Għarb

L-Għarb is one of Gozo’s oldest villages. You can take amazing photos at its picturesque village square, admiring the view of the impressive Parish Church and Collegiate Basilica. Don’t forget to look up at the unique hand-carved stone balconies!

3 • Sliema

Sliema is a traditional Maltese town filled with narrow streets and colorful balconies. From Sliema, you can also get an amazing view of Valletta. The city’s coastline, made of rock-cut salt pools are also super photogenic and so are the traditional Maltese balconies.

4 • St. Peter’s Pool

Located close to Marsaxlokk, St. Peter’s Pool is a natural swimming pool with crystal clear blue-green waters. This area also offers plenty of opportunities for snorkeling. If you walk up a little you can get a gorgeous panorama of the place. Just bear in mind that St. Peter’s Pool is highly popular with locals and tourists alike. When I went there, it was incredibly crowded because it was a bank holiday. So I advise you to go during the week.

5 • Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk is a picturesque fishing village with gorgeous colorful boats. Those traditional Maltese boats (called Luzzu) are actually still in use to this day. Because of a Phoenician tradition, the eye of Horus (an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection) is painted on the front of the boats to protect fishermen out at sea. Marsaxlokk is probably is one of the most famous and touristy places in the country.

6 • The Blue Lagoon

Located on the island of Comino which is a small, uninhabited island between Malta and Gozo, the Blue Lagoon is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the Maltese islands. It’s a small bay with shallow, gorgeous azure-colored water. Because it is a major tourist attraction, it gets busy in the summertime. I would advise you to visit in May or September during a weekday.

7 • Valletta

Valletta is the UNESCO World Heritage capital city of Malta. Anywhere you go you will find Instagram worthy spots! You can walk up and down narrow streets, check out the fortified walls, the stunning architecture, the massive St. John’s Co-Cathedral and take a stroll around the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

8 • Popeye Village

The Popeye Village is purpose-built film set village which was made especially for the production of the 1980 musical Popeye. Nowadays, it is a small attraction fun park made of colorful, rustic and wooden houses. This place is super picturesque and the view of the village from above is truly unique!

9 • Victoria

Victoria, also called Ir-Rabat, is the capital city of Gozo. Its old town center, the Citadel, is an ancient fortressed city with towering fortifications. From the Citadel, you can get gorgeous views over the whole Island. Fun fact: the name Victoria was given to the town in honor of the British Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 1887.

10 • Palazzo Parisio

Formerly known as the Scicluna Palace, the Palazzo Parisio is a 20th-century palace in Naxxar. Its lavish interior decorations and lovely garden are the perfect backdrops for Instagram photos! The Palazzo is the venue for a lot of weddings so you should call and make sure that it is free to visit before going.

I hope this article was helpful for you if you are planning on visiting Malta. If you have already been there, what was your favorite Instagrammable place? Let me know in the comments below!

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