Best Instagram Spots in Malmö, Sweden: 15 Photo Locations You Can’t Miss

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When I ask my friends about Sweden, everyone only thinks about Stockholm or the Swedish Lapland. Malmö is often overlooked as a travel destination. In this article, I will show you that Sweden’s third-largest city is an Insta-worthy place (you can even take Instagram walking-tours with locals!) and a great idea for a weekend getaway. This multicultural and dynamic city combines old and new: from its proud castle to its futuristic skyscraper it will surprise you at every corner. It is also a cultural and culinary European capital that just begs to get discovered!

Disclaimer: I was invited by the city of Malmö to visit this beautiful place but this article is not sponsored and all opinions about Malmö are my own.

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1 • Gamla Väster

Gamla Väster is located on the western part of Malmö’s old town (Gamla Staden). With its historical buildings and cobblestone streets, it is a truly Instagrammable spot! My favorite street was Jakob Nilsgatan (photo below) All the alleys around are so cute so do not hesitate to explore.

 Jakob Nilsgatan street

2 • The Castle Mill

In the Castle Park (Slottsparken), you can find the charming Malmö castle and also the cute Castle Mill or Slottsmöllan in Swedish. It is a historical smock mill that was built in 1851 on the remains of the Stenbock bastion. Its regular operation was discontinued in 1945 and now, the Malmö museum administration is responsible for the Mill. When I posted the photo below, people thought I was in the Netherlands! So go take a photo at the Castle Mill and have fun confusing your friends!

The Castle Mill

3 • The Lighthouses

There are two super photogenic lighthouses located on the border between the old and the new town of Malmö. The biggest lighthouse called the old Malmö Lighthouse used to be a classic symbol of the city. It was built in 1878 but hasn’t worked since 1983. Going early morning is great because the sun shines somewhat behind the lighthouse giving the photo a lovely glow. The second smaller lighthouse is in the Väster Hamnen area which is more in the new town. There I would advise going during sunset!

The two lighthouses in Malmö

4 • Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus is an open-air public bath and spa located on the Ribersborg beach. It is a historic landmark, built in the late 19th century. Both locals and tourists alike enjoy alternating between a swim in the cold ocean and a warm sauna all year round at this outdoor bathing establishment. With its light green wooden facade, the public bath is a great backdrop for Instagram photos!

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus

5 • Fiskehoddorna

The fishing huts (Fiskehoddorna) are market stands in Malmö where local fishermen sell fresh fish and shellfish. They are a cultural symbol of the city and have a rich history. During the second half of the 20th century, the importance of fishing in Malmö decreased. The fish were imported and trade was taken over by wholesalers. 30 huts were to be demolished but the few fishermen who were still active in the 1950s donated their huts to the Malmö museum which moved them from Citadellkajen (Citadelle Bay) to Banérkajen next to the Maritime Museum in 1956. The fishing huts are nowadays still active and are open Tuesday to Saturday between 6.30 and 13.00.


6 • St. Peter’s Church

Saint Peter’s Church (Sankt Petri Kyrka) is a Brick Gothic church that was built in the 14th century. The exterior of this cathedral is truly imposing which it’s red brick structure while the inside is bright and immaculate white which characterizes Lutheran places of worship. I would recommend you to take a photo outside the church with yourself for scale! Super impressive!

St. Peter’s Church

7 • The Blue Houses

Located between Turbinkanalen (the Turbin Canal) and the Ribersborg beach, those three cute blue houses will bring color to your Instagram feed. They are so picturesque that you won’t be able to resist taking a photo!

The Blue Houses

8 • Salongsgatan Street

I discovered this adorable street by accident on my way back from the beach. This street, called Salongsgatan, is located near the Turning Torso in the North of Malmö. This quiet residential area, part of the new Malmö, is super cute and charming. Even if it doesn’t have the old charm of historical buildings, I loved it nonetheless!

Salongsgatan Street

9 • The Turning Torso

The Turning Torso is described as a neo-futuristic skyscraper. It is impossible to miss because it is the tallest building in all Scandinavia! Visible from nearly everywhere if you are in Malmö, it is a great help if you have no sense of direction like me :). It is probably the most photographed building in the city and I would recommend taking photos of it during sunset! The only downside is that you cannot get in because it is a residential building.

The Turning Torso

10 • St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church (Sankt Johannes Kyrka) is a superbly designed red brick church that was built early 20th century. An interesting fact is the architect did not put the tower and the armory on the west, as was the tradition, but on the north side of the church (to mark the arrival of a new era). I like this church because you can get some good pictures of the outside due to the space around it.

St. John’s Church

11 • Stortorget & Lilla Torg

Located at the heart of Malmö’s old town (Gamla Staden), Stortorget is the largest and also the oldest square in Malmö. The square is surrounded by Instagrammable historical buildings such as the historical town hall. Another square that you should visit is Lilla Torg (Little Square) which is located only a few steps away from Stortorget. Lilla Torg is regularly used as a marketplace and Stortorget as a big event venue so they are worth checking out!

Stortorget (top photos and bottom right) and Lilla Torg (bottom left)

12 • World Maritime University

The World Maritime University is a postgraduate university founded by the International Maritime Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is located next to the train station in a hybrid modern and historic building. The original old building was added a bold architectural extension and now the university is an interesting place to check out!

World Maritime University

13 • Stadsbibliotek

Malmö City Library (Stadsbibliotek) is a municipal public library which opened in 1905. The library consists of three parts that are joined together; the Castle, the Calendar of Light, and the Cylinder. The Castle is a historic building, which was first a museum and then a library. The Light Calendar is a large cubic building with a glass window facing the park. There are multiple levels of matching cubes for study and the symmetry is perfect for photos. The cylinder connects both Light Calendar and Castle and contains the entrance, reception, and café. Fun fact; in 2006, it became the first library in Sweden to lend video games.


14 •  Øresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge (Öresundsbron) is a 7-kilometer long bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark and Europe. The construction began in 1995 and lasted 5 years! You can reach the bottom of the bridge on the Malmö side easily by car or bike where you can take wonderful and impressive photos of it. Or just by walking along the beach, you will be able to see the bridge.

Øresund Bridge

15 • Zenith Koloniområde

The Zenith colony (Zenith Koloniområde) is one of the oldest colonial areas of Malmö and one of the oldest in Sweden. The area was founded in 1907 and many original cottages have been preserved. The colony is located in the district of Värnhem, and includes 63 cottages in all the colors of the rainbow! One local told me that it is open every day during Summer but only on weekends during Fall and Winter so check the opening days and hours before you go! And please be respectful while going there as it is a residential area. Always ask before taking some photos.

Zenith Koloniområde

I hope this article made you want to visit Malmö! If you have already been, what are the most Instagrammable places in the city for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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