Top Instagrammable Places and Streets in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of the most visited areas in London and for a good reason: it is absolutely gorgeous! Famous thanks to its eponymous film and many other movies, it is one of the prettiest areas in the British capital. Despite being heavily gentrified, Notting Hill is still very charming. Full of color, this cute pastel neighborhood has so many Insta-worthy backdrops. In this article, I’ve compiled all of the prettiest places and hidden gems in Notting Hill for your Instagram photos. At the end of this post, I will even share with you a map where you can find the locations of each Instagrammable spot in Notting Hill!

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1 • Lancaster Road

If you arrive from Ladbroke Grove Tube Station, this spot should be the first one on your list!  Lancaster Road is home to an Instagram-famous purple facade. A lot of houses on this street are bright and colorful so it is a lovely place to snap a few shots.

Like for all of those locations, please be respectful while taking photos. Avoid standing on the steps or sitting on property walls (unless you can ask the owners if you are allowed to do so which I did in a few photos you can see down below).

2 • Westbourne Park Road

The second spot on our list is a street that features gorgeous pastel facades. It is often filled with parked cars so try to go there early enough or later during the day to find perfect photo spots!

Fun fact: the blue door that was often shown in the film Notting Hill was located at 280 Westbourne Park Road. The original door was sold to a Portobello Road antique dealer and the door that replaced it was also painted blue!

3 • St. Luke’s Mews

Not far from Westbourne Park Road, you can find another famous movie location in 24 St. Luke’s Mews. This gorgeous pink house is featured in Love Actually during the “to me, you are perfect” scene where Mark (Andrew Lincoln) confesses his love for Juliet (Keira Knightley) at Christmas.

Even if it was a movie set, people actually live on this street so be respectful while taking your photos!

4 • Colville Houses

Colville Houses is a tiny hidden gem of a street where you can find a gorgeous row of blue, yellow and pink houses. Definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Notting Hill!

5 • Portobello Road

Portobello Road is THE famous street in Notting Hill you cannot miss! I advise you to visit on a Saturday when the Portobello Markets are set up. They are filled with antiques, trinkets, household goods, vintage clothes and of course food stalls! It is a gorgeous street with a lot of gems such as Alice’s, a quaint vintage shop that has been a staple of the street since 1887.

If you like George Orwell, you can also check out his first home in London at 22 Portobello Road.

6 • Colville Terrace

If you want to escape the crowds of the Portobello Markets, you can go to the side streets such as Colville Terrace. Once again this street displays colorful and pretty facades.

7 • Elgin Crescent

Elgin Crescent is a street that runs between Portobello Road and Clarendon Road. The section from Portobello Road to Kensington Park Road is busy with shops cafés and restaurants but the rest of the street is residential and super Instagrammable!

8 • Rosmead Road

If you continue on Elgin Crescent, you will stumble upon Rosmead Road. This street borders a lot of private communal gardens, including one featured in the movie Notting Hill where Anna (Julia Roberts) and William (Hugh Grant) break into at night. Do not try to do the same though, they are private property! Continue until the end of the road where you will see a gorgeous Instagrammable blue house.

9 • Denbigh Terrace

Most of the street nearby Portobello are super Instagrammable! For example, Denbigh Terrace has a row of colorful homes. It is a popular spot so you will definitely be not the only person snapping pics there unless you get there early morning, but it is never too crowded.

10 • Chepstow Villas

Not far from Denbigh Terrace are the gorgeous pastel houses of Chepstow Villas. Maybe you should buy a second memory card for your camera because you will definitely take more photos than expected in Notting Hill!

12 • Westbourne Grove

The beginning of Westbourne Grove, close to Portobello, is a gorgeous area filled with high-end boutiques, designer jewelry and clothes, fancy furniture and cute florists (check out Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart, located right in the middle of the street). The prices are as high as you can expect in this area!

You should also check out the gothic Victorian Westbourne Grove Church built in 1853.

12 • Stanley Gardens & Crescent

If you visiting Notting Hill during Spring, you have to go to Stanley Crescent where you can see gorgeous blooming cherry trees! Even if you visit at a different time of year, it is always pretty, just like any part of Notting Hill! Stanley Gardens, the street next to Stanley Crescent, is super pretty too.

13 • The Pink Flat Iron

In the junction between Pottery Lane and Penzance Place, you can find a new Insta-famous spot unofficially named the Pink Flat Iron. It is a little out of the way from the touristic areas in Notting Hill so it shouldn’t as busy as the areas around Portobello.

14 • Churchill Arms

Adorned with gorgeous flowers, or extravagant Christmas trees depending on the time of year, Churchill Arms is probably the most Instagrammable pub in Notting Hill. Fun fact; it used to be known as the “Church-on-the-Hill”, but was renamed after World War II. Now, it has a Winston Churchill interior theme.

15 • Hillgate Place & Around

A lot of hidden colorful streets are located right next to the Notting Hill Gate Tube Station. The main one is Hillgate Place where a lot of cute pastel houses can be found. I advise you to go to the adjoining streets as well because they are all worth it! You should check out; Jameson Street, Farmer Street, Callcott Street, and Kensington Place. All streets are adorned with rainbow colors; blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, red… you name it!

Since this last area is very close to Notting Hill Gate Tube Station, you can just hop onto the tube back to the center of London after spending a lovely time in Notting Hill’s pastel paradise!

Have you been to Notting Hill? What did you think of it? Do you have any favorite Instagram spots in the area? Let me know in the comments below!

Bonus: Notting Hill’s Hidden Gems Map

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